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We’ll carry out suspension repairs in a friendly, fast and efficient manner.
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Charge & Start

 Restore your suspension back to perfect health

How can I tell if my suspension needs repairing?

  • Does the car feel excessively bouncy?
  • Does it lurch forward every time the car comes to a halt?
  • Do the bumps in the road feel particularly strong or violent?
  • Do you feel like the vehicle is drifting or pulling unnecessarily when turning corners?
  • Are your tyre treads wearing down unevenly?
If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the chances are that your suspension needs looking at.
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Avoid a major safety hazard

Broken suspension is a high-risk hazard and can cause major accidents on the road. From tyre blow-outs to reduced braking efficiency, broken suspension can put you and those traveling with you in danger. Eliminate the threat of an accident and
contact us today.
 With over 40 years of experience
With a friendly,
customer-focused approach, Charge & Start are a family-run garage with
over 40 years of experience.

Test your suspension yourself

Are you unsure as to whether your suspension needs repairing? There’s an easy way to find out:
Push down on the front of your bonnet. When you release your hands, does the bonnet continue to bounce for more than 2-3 seconds? If so, your suspension is in need of some attention.
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A comprehensive repair service

We can also perform a number of other repairs to your vehicle, including:

For suspension repairs and more – including the restoration of any given car part -
visit our workshop in Leicester or call us on

0116 2335 669 or 0116 2555 975


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