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If you exhaust is corroded or faulty, our friendly team will be able to help.
Drop by our workshop or call us on

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0116 2555 975 .

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 We can help you to maintain a healthy exhaust system.

How do I know if my exhaust needs some attention?

  • Does your car make a loud roaring sound when stationary?
  • Can you hear a rattling noise when you stop
  • Have you noticed a decrease in fuel efficiency?
  • Is your engine vibrating more than usual?
If any of these are sound familiar, then your exhaust may need looking at.
Bring your car in for inspection

The cost of a damaged exhaust can rise, so get it looked at as soon as you spot the first signs of trouble

If left untreated, exhaust problems can get much worse, as soon as you notice a problem it’s best to get in touch.
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 With over 40 years of experience
We offer an extensive exhaust repair and replacement service.

Environmentally friendly

The exhaust system is designed to get the dangerous fumes out of your vehicle. Keeping a healthy exhaust system ensures the environment is kept clean. If your exhaust is corroded or faulty, let us take a look.
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We also offer a comprehensive repair service

We can also perform a number of other repairs to your vehicle, including:

If you’d like us to look at your exhaust system –
visit our workshop in Leicester or call us on

0116 2335 669 or 0116 2555 975


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