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We’ll establish whether your clutch needs repairing or replacing, depending on the problem.
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We offer a reliable clutch repair and replacement service

Signs you may need a new clutch:

  • You experience a loss of acceleration
  • When you’re hardly increasing in speed the revs keep climbing
  • You have difficulty changing gears
  • You feel your clutch ‘slipping’

If these things sound like your vehicle then your clutch will need looking at.

Bring your car in for inspection

Having a faulty clutch can cause major problems for your car

Have your clutch repaired or replaced by our friendly mechanics.
Contact us today.
 With over 40 years of experience
We offer reliable clutch replacement and repair service.

How to test your clutch

  • When the car is idle, without pressing the clutch, if you can hear a low noise, it may be a problem with the transmission.
  • With the clutch in neutral, start to push the clutch in, if you hear a high pitch noise, it may be the clutch release or the throw-out bearing.
  • Pushing the clutch all the way down, if you hear a squealing noise it may be the pilot bearing or bushing
If you have any of these problems
Talk to us today

We also offer a comprehensive repair service

We can also perform a number of other repairs to your vehicle, including:

If your clutch needs looking at –
visit our workshop in Leicester or call us on

0116 2335 669 or 0116 2555 975


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